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“Traditional medicine had failed me. It was like one medication on top of another with no cure in sight. A friend of mine recommended Foundations For Health to help with my high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, swollen-painful joints, high blood sugar and desire to get off all RX painkillers. Within a month, the arthritis, inflammation and pain had subsided and I’m almost entirely off of all RX pain killers. As a bonus, I also lost 5lbs and have better clarity of mind and more energy! I would encourage everyone to go see Dr. Ward at Foundations For Health!" - S.R.

"I heard about Foundations for Health and Dr. Ward from my daughter's friend. I made an appointment with the hopes to change how I feel everyday - dealing with Fibromyalgia and medications I didn't want to be on. Since coming to see Dr. Ward and doing physical work as well as Emotion Code, my level of pain has decreased. I've been able to come off of 2 blood pressure medications. Feeling more relaxed and less stressed, I haven't verbally said that I'm in pain in weeks. I'm so thankful I came to Foundations for Health!" -Y.B.

"I highly recommend Dr Lynne!  A nodule was recently found in my neck during an annual physical exam. The nodule was confirmed with an ultrasound and my traditional


Dr wanted to biopsy it. I was very reluctant to biopsy and started looking for other opinions and alternatives. A friend referred me to Dr Lynne.  After two months

of supplements and Emotion Code, a follow-up ultrasound confirmed the nodule was gone!  I have always been very open to natural healing techniques. But I admit I was

a bit skeptical and had my doubts mostly because I don’t understand it. The idea of allowing the body to heal itself is completely different than the traditional medicine


approach to cut and prescribe. My neck nodule is gone!  My wife and daughter are now seeing improvements in their health thanks to Dr Lynne." - C.R.


"I had been struggling with insomnia and low energy, but since working with Dr. Ward, I have more energy, am sleeping through the night and my emotional health has greatly improved! I trust Dr. Ward wholeheartedly." - L.S.

"A friend recommended Foundations for Health to me, since I was struggling with Fatigue and wanted to feel better. I wanted more energy. Since coming to see Dr. Ward, my fatigue has diminished, as well as my joint pain. Best of all, though, NO MORE HOTFLASHES! Now that is a miracle! I would recommend everyone come see Dr. Ward."  - C.S.

"My 15 month old was deteriorating, quickly. After some routine vaccines at 14 months, he started getting very sick. He stopped attempting to crawl or walk, coundn't digest any food, would scream in fits of pain (after being a VERY easygoing baby), was losing weight, and had dark circles under his eyes...the list goes on. Our pediatrician claimed the vaccines weren't the cause, despite severe symptoms beginning within 24 hours of having the vaccine administered. I was sent down the trail of bloodwork and specialists only to get no answers. Within 3 months of coming to Dr. Ward, my son is completely back to the happy baby he was before the vaccines. He has gained weight, gotten his color back, can eat normal foods, is about to walk, talk and isn't suffering any longer. My whole family is now seeing Dr. Ward, and she has heped us all become healthier, not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally. I personally have seen major breakthroughs in my EVOX sessions...things that I have been struggling with for years. I have made everyone that I love most go see Dr. Ward!" -K.E.

"I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over 30 years ago and have always been so much healthier with holistic/natural care. I was in need of emotional therapy for some issues from my childhood. Dr. Ward and her staff had so much to offer in the areas I was looking for. I have received so much healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They have so many different ways to work on issues and diseases. I am so much healthier in all areas and have been enlightened to so much wisdom on how to live a more healthy life in all aspects." -L.L.

"I was very interested in the natural options that Foundations For Health offered in their office to help my foot pain & thyroid issues. Dr. Ward truly looks for the source of the problem, not just covering symptoms with a Band-Aid. I feel like I'm getting better from the inside out; root causes being addressed and my symptoms are healing." - B.A.

"After my first consultation with Dr. Ward, I knew I had found someone who listened to me and understood me. At the time, I was experiencing digestive issues and headaches. The biggest thing I've learned is the direct tie between my physical well being and my emotional well being." - N.L.

"The greatest benefit I've received from working with Dr. Ward and Foundations for Health is having a truly caring relationship with a Dr. who will listen and partner with you to solve the root problem. Relief has come in my physical symptoms by tracing the false beliefs and emotional pain that had not been dealt with to bring closure and true freedom from the past." -J.C.


"I know a lot about natural health, so it has been difficult for me to find a very knowledgeable Naturopathic doctor that I felt could help me with some of my health issues.   I am overwhelmed by the knowledge and wisdom Dr. Ward has in natural health.  In just a few weeks, I have had many breakthroughs in my health in various areas (female issues, exhaustion, digestion and more). I was on a ton of products before meeting Dr. Ward that were barely helping me. She has me on way less products, and I am seeing results.  Her research on the most cutting edge products is amazing too. I highly recommend her." - J.D.


"I've known Dr. Ward for almost two years.  My teenage daughter started seeing her after trying most topical and oral medications with a Dermatologist, her acne did not resolve.  Dr. Ward treated her from the inside out, detoxing her body from the chemicals and introducing the supplement support she truly needed. Through this process, Dr. Ward taught us SO much about food and how our bodies work. My daughter's Cystic Acne is much better and she can now leave the house without wearing make-up. I highly recommend Dr. Ward." - D.D.


"My husband, Randy, and I were referred by my daughter-in-law to Dr. Ward after we returned from Mexico.  We needed someone to help us develop a good program of natural protocol for Randy to help him fight the cancer in his body.  Dr. Ward set up a supplementation program which changes on a regular basis to help his body get in balance and then be able to take care of itself; i.e., strong immune system, etc.  We both have had great success and I also have benefited from her expertise.  I no longer have restless leg syndrome.  Praise God!" - D.F.


"My knowledge of natural health before coming to know Dr. Ward was absolutely nothing.  I thought people who lived naturally were the 'hippies and tree-huggers.'  After struggling through my life with sleeplessness, anger, depression and some eating disorders, Dr. Ward has given me the tools and counsel necessary to put my life on a whole and healthy track.  Her ability to connect emotional issues and how they relate to physical symptoms has been very enlightening and has helped me come to a fuller understanding of myself and how to live a successful and healthy life.  I am very grateful for her passion and what she has done for me!" - R.B.


"I met Dr. Ward at a casual luncheon hosted by a mutual friend. I knew that she practiced Naturopathic medicine, but I really didn't  know what that entailed. As we sat around the table discussing "life" as girlfriends do, I mentioned my 11 year old son's weight loss resulting from lack of appetite.  I was struck by Dr. Ward's concern and her insightfulness in to what could be the cause for his lack of appetite. When she asked if I was willing to allow her to examine my son,  I jumped at the chance since neither our primary care M.D. nor a Gastro Specialist had been able to provide a diagnosis or solutions. Since my husband knew even less than me about natural health solutions, we made our visit with Dr. Ward a 'family affair', with me and my husband both accompanying our son. As she examined our son for over an hour, she thoughtfully explained every detail of the method of examination to all three of us, simply recognizing it would be different than our "normal" visits to the doctor. Not only did Dr. Ward's evaluation make sense to me, my husband and to our son, but more importantly so did the customized plan she provided to help our son's overall health improve. I felt so much better about offering our son natural health solutions to help treat both emotional and physical aspects of his overall health, rather than giving him conventional medicines that only target a specific health issue. My testimonial is in no way intended to dismiss the practical means of "conventional medicine", but instead to show the value in what Dr. Ward brings to the table. Her knowledge in to overall health and what makes the body, soul and spirit well is priceless! Thanks to Dr. Ward, my whole family is embracing a new lifestyle and recognizing the benefits of it!" - Kim


"For the past 5 years I have battled with Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid issues.  This has resulted in too many trips to the doctor for tests and thousands of dollars spent on just the right mix of supplements and pills to get me better.  Well...they didn't.  Oh, it would work for a while, but then I would have other issues that were just more of the same issues in the long run.  On top of that, my hormones went wacko about 10 months ago.  The fix was "natural" progesterone cream.  There was nothing natural about it.  It fixed the symptoms but created others!  I am so excited that I met Dr. Ward, and was willing to try Naturopathic medicine because Western medicine did not work for me. She honed in on the core issues and we worked solely on those items, and the others corrected themselves.  To make a long story short...I feel fantastic. I have tons of energy, mental clarity, and am excited about every day.  Dr. Ward corrected my Adrenal Fatigue and helped control my Thyroid issues.  On top of that, she allowed my body to heal itself with a Lymphatic Cleanse and hormone cream made with essential oils and my hormones are back in working order.  For my entire family, Dr. Ward is our first stop, and so far our only one!" - C.H.


"Being a patient of Dr. Ward's for almost a year now, I can say with full confidence that it was one of the best decisions I've made for my physical and emotional health, and well-being. Dr. Ward has a God-Given gift, and it truly shows.  She is extremely knowledgeable, and genuinely cares for her patients, never making you feel like just another "number". Dr. Ward has made such an impact on my life, helping me understand what true "health" really is, and how to achieve it!" -A.U.

“I discovered Foundations For Health through our chiropractor. I was struggling with sleep issues but preferred the natural care approach. Since working with Dr. Ward, I have better overall health! I would most definitely recommend family and friends to the office.” - P.M.

“I am more in tune with my body and I have more energy since seeing Dr. Ward at Foundations For Health! I came to strengthen my body systems overall, to investigate coming off of blood thinners after a DVT in my leg, and to head off damage from the coumadin I’ve been taking. My family was already seeing improvements from working with Dr. Ward when I decided to give it a try. I much prefer holistic healthcare to traditional “medicine” and Big Pharma chemicals. I recommend everyone to go to Foundations For Health!”  - S.M.


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