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What Is Perception Reframing?

Perception has a powerful impact on your health and wellness. An expansive, positive outlook on life will allow you to function with greater ease and less stress. A limited, negative outlook, on the other hand, can lead to more stress and a cycle of general negative behavior.

Since most perceptions are static, you are likely to repeat behaviors associated with those perceptions, creating the same reality over and over. With the help of ZYTO voice mapping software, however, you can shift your subconscious mind to a more desirable mindset in any area of your life in which you are struggling or want to enhance.

Here's How It Works

1) Voice Mapping

The spoken voice is packed with subtle energetic frequencies that reflect the speaker’s perception of the topic. These energetic frequencies can be measured and mapped with ZYTO’s innovative voice-mapping technology. The map generated based on the energy of your voice reveals the present and missing frequencies compared to the ideal perception in each of the 12 perception zones.

2) Energetic Transfer

The software selects the energetic frequencies your body shows a biological coherence for based on the voice analysis. This unique information is then introduced to the subconscious via a software output. Thinking about the topic as your subconscious mind receives this information helps you to gradually shift the static perception that may be holding you back.

3) Perception Shift

The process of analyzing and mapping the voice and then receiving information through energetic transfer is repeated several times on the chosen topic. Your voice pattern will eventually change as missing information is incorporated. When the software detects a significant change in your voice pattern, it indicates that a shift has occurred and the perception of the topic has been reframed. A common result of this shift is a feeling of being uplifted and inspired.

Benefits of Perception Reframing 

  • Overall Heath - Health conditions often involve perception, and re-framing on health issues can improve the way you feel and relate to stress

  • Relationships - A better relationship with your spouse, your children, your boss, and friends

  • Personal Performance - Improve your sports performance, increase your ability to focus, or become a faster learner at school or work

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