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Zyto Elite
















What is the ZYTO Elite?

The Elite system combines the power of dynamic changes in the electrical properties of the skin with ZYTO’s Decision Support Technology software. ZYTO technology measures the fluctuations in the energy patterns of the skin. The primary feedback mechanism is called GSR, or Galvanic Skin Response.















How does ZYTO technology work?

The Zyto Biocommunication Technology is a unique tool for locating deficiencies in the body and determining which specific dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental changes will have the most lasting impact on bringing the body into homeostasis. In the 1930s it was discovered that the body’s largest organ, the skin, is electrically conductive and that its conductivity changes as stressors are exposed to it. This change is known as the Galvanic Skin Response or GSR. The Zyto machine monitors the GSR of the body, interprets it, and decodes it into the computer system. This virtual conversation with the body allows the machine to precisely determine what deficiency trends are present and what specific changes will work to return balance to the body.


















We would love to answer any questions you have! Please call the office at 704-948-0173 to schedule your Zyto Elite scan today!

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